Our Journey

Our individual desire to build a transformational business in the agric space drove each of us to participate in the Kosmos Agritech Challenge. Brought together by that one desire, we dedicated months into exploring the agricultural space in Ghana visiting various farm sites, research institutions and agricultural development institutions. We discovered a lot of challenges, and a lot more opportunities. What struck us was how marginalised the fisheries sector was in discussions pertaining to development in agric.

Fish makes up 60% of the protein consumed in Ghana, the country has a high domestic demand for fish and has one of the highest consumption per capita in the world (20 – 25kg/year). However, the fisheries value chain is facing challenges including but not limited to logistical inefficiencies, improper cold storage, predatory buying from middlemen and lack of financial and technological support.

The team identified these challenges after interviewing and observing fish farmers and fisherfolks, distributors, middlemen, development agencies, feed producers and regulatory bodies.  At the end of the research, Roseline Nketsiah, Emmanuel Tetteh Apeku, Alex Calvin Gbetie, and Caroline Pomeyie who form the team, birthed ProFish Ghana Limited, to provide support that will transform the fisheries sector leveraging on technology.

ProFish Ghana Limited, is currently running its flagship product Lojaanor. Lojaanor is a platform that creates market access for fish farmers and ensures that individuals and eateries are able to get healthy and wholesome fish at their convenience. Through Lojaanor, fish farmers are able to expand their production because they have a ready market for their harvest.


Buying should be a healthy and happy process as well. Don’t stress, get it when you want it, how you want it with our efficient logistics services.


Wherever you are in the country, you are not beyond reach. We connect sellers to buyers, farmers to capital, farmers with services.

Customer Protection

We prioritise the health of our customers and ensure that we implement high standards that reduces risks. We verify, verify and verify before we deliver.

Our Management Team

The team is made up of committed and resilient people who have expertise in logistics, agriculture, and communication, tech development, harnessed to grow the business and impact the community.
The team has one thing in common.

Alex Calvin Gbetie

Cofounder - Team & Tech Lead


Benjamin Setor Aflapkui

Cofounder - Operations Lead


Emmanuel Tetteh Apeku

Cofounder - Business Development Lead